How to Get Help

Your first step is to call us to schedule your intake appointment (602-279-0008). During this call, a staff member will request some initial information to determine if the services provided at Phoenix Shanti Group will meet your needs. If it is determined that our services fit your treatment needs, you will then be scheduled for an intake assessment. This appointment consists of a two-hour evaluation which provides you the opportunity to build rapport with the therapist, to share some of your background information, to discuss the reasons you are seeking services, and to set goals that you would like to accomplish. During this appointment, your intake therapist will provide you with information regarding confidentiality, services offered at Phoenix Shanti Group, and what to expect in therapy.

The goal during the assessment is to ensure that your needs are identified and for the clinician to make appropriate recommendations for continued treatment. We will work with you to determine what kind of treatment is best for you. This process occasionally includes a referral to an outside agency that provides other specialized services that can help you to address the needs you present with. At the end of this appointment, the intake clinician will schedule you for your next session.