• AHCCCS/Medicaid-

Website (online application for benefits): www.healthearizonaplus.gov

Phone: 602-417-4000 / toll free: 1-800-654-8713

  • DES/Snap (Food Stamps) & in-person application for Medicaid benefits-

Website to locate the contact information for the office closest to you: https://eol.azdes.gov

  • Emergency/Crisis-


Crisis Response Network (Behavioral Crisis)

Phone: 602-427-4600

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care

Phone: 602-222-9444

  • Food Resources-

St. Mary's Food Bank

Address: 2831 N. 31st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. 85009

Phone: 602-242-3663

Website: www.firstfoodbank.org

Joshua Tree Feeding Program (HIV+ only)

Address: 214 E. Willetta St., Phoenix, AZ. 85004

Phone: 602-264-0223

Website: www.jtfp.org

  • HIV Specialty Physicians/Clinics-

HMIS (McDowell Clinic)

Address: 1101 N. Central Avenue- #201, Phoenix, AZ. 85004

Phone: 602-344-6550

Website: www.mihs.org

Pueblo Family Physicians

Address: 4350 N. 19th Avenue- #6, Phoenix, AZ. 85015

Phone: 602-264-9191

Website: none listed

Spectrum Medical Group

Address: 52 E. Monterey Way, Phoenix, AZ. 85012

Phone: 602-883-3956

Website: www.spectrummedgroup.com

1st Family Medical

Address: 1444 W. Bethany Home Rd., Phoenix, AZ. 85013

Phone: 602-242-4843

Website: none listed

  • Housing Options-

Community Information and Referral
Phone: 211
Website: www.211.org

City of Phoenix Housing Authority- Section 8 Housing
Address: 830 E. Jefferson.  Phoenix, AZ. 85034
Phone: 602-534-1974

Website:  www.phoenix.gov/housing

Area Agency On Aging/Care Directions
Address: 1366 E. Thomas Rd.- #200, Phoenix, AZ. 85014
Phone: 602-264-2273
Website: www.caredirections.org

The following list contains local resources that may helpful in finding services that may be beneficial to you: